Brauhaus Lemke Berlin at Hackischer Markt is in the S Bahnbögen Bavarian designed in the middle of Berlin. To welcome the international guests, our Bavarian musicians in traditional costumes( typ. lederhosen and traditional shirts). Bavarian brass music goes well with the brewery beer.

Jazz on the street

Jazz in the middle of a Berlin flea market with an incredible voice completely unamplified with a unique power – wonderful and full of joie de vivre

Projection Shows 3D Videomapping

We stage a new 3D videomapping show for clients with the integration of logos and products in the style of:


party band germany foeldessyentertainment

Let s Entertain you Party bands entertain international guests not only with the typical party hits but also with desired titles of the guests. The guests can be actively involved in the evening. Underborchen by live VJ s and live interludes over the heads of the guests. VR glasses with company information extend the possibility […]

Cabaret show

Cabaret Show Germany

Cabaret Show Cabaret show for 400 international guests from all over the world celebrate at the Ritz Carlton with Marlene Dietrich actress and our cabaret show in the style of Liza Minelli.

Classic Quartet Opening

17.11.2016 Classic Quartett in the old city palace Berlin known as Bärensaal. On the occasion of various honors, international guests welcomed our Klassik Quartett. The arches of the Bärensaal were staged individually and as a prelude the piece of music Habanera was chosen. Our quartet arranged the evening from discreet classical music to film music. […]